Environmental Technology

  • Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Work

    RAL-GGVUBrechtel environmental technology is efficient and assures an environmental friendly work. Convincing cleaning results, which are not directed solely to the short-term restoration of skid resistance. Target and success in the development of “OIL TRACK MASTER” was to achieve a cleaning result which is deeper and more thoroughly than any previous model. The compatibility of the process and the sheer power of the components bring up literally everything off the ground what does not belong there so that further significant damages to surface of the road and other traffic hazards will be avoided. Sustainably will be provided all the time.

    Since 2006 we deal with the issue of environmental and oil trace removal. The “OIL TRACE-MASTER” is a complete system developed by us, which was examined and approved by the GGVU paces in November 2015. The tests were passed easily. The cleaning result was significantly higher, even above 90% of skid resistance required. The Quality Association for street cleaning and accident remediation e.V. awarded the manufacturer, Firma Wolfgang Brechtel GmbH, with the RAL Quality Mark (Gütezeichen) „LKM“.

    The patented cleaning technology enables low and high pressure (0-200 bar) operation, including connection of the respective scouring/scrubbing units. It is also possible operating only in low and high pressure modus operation without the respective engagement of the scouring/scrubbing units. The cleaning width is individually adjustable from 450mm to 1500mm.

    Because of the flexible production given, various variations can be mounted on a wide range of chassis of all makes.




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