Road cleaning

Since 2006 Brechtel has been working on mechanical wet cleaning and hence in 2008, Brechtel Fahrbahnreinigung GmbH (roadway cleaning) was founded due to increasing demands.  Our field of operation comprises severe contamination on transport surfaces, accident cleanup, cleaning industrial surfaces and hall floors etc.

  • wet cleaning is carried out by us, as this cleaning system not only cleans the spot,
  • but also normalizes traffic security,
  • avoids propagation of hazardous matters for environment on ground or in water bodies,
  • assures the value of the main body,
  • guarantees high efficiency and profitability,
  • can be operational irrespective of weather conditions,
  • can be used in diverse situations (irrespective of big or small surfaces,  any pollution).

As a certified waste disposal management company we exclusively work with RAL-GGVU LKM tested machines. We voluntarily undergo the annual quality-testing by RAL-GGVU to be certified as K1-Company, because it is a matter of great importance to us to assure a high quality in the field of environmental protection and transport security.

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